Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Nursing, 9th Edition

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This well-respected textbook presents cutting-edge principles of psychiatric nursing and provides you with new features and tools - including chapter study notes and audio chapter summaries - to help you learn the important content you need to know. The 9th edition presents current guidelines for the practice of psychiatric nursing, with the latest clinical research and appropriate diagnoses, updated and expanded coverage of primary care, and extensively revised and updated psychiatric drug information.Provides a comprehensive presentation of current principles and practice of psychiatric nursing with a balance of theory and clinical application. In text and online learning tools including bolding of important concepts in the textbook, chapter study notes, audio chapter summaries, new consumer videos, and much more. The Stuart Stress Adaptation Model of health and wellness provides a consistent nursing-oriented framework. An emphasis on evidence-based practice bridges the knowledge gap between clinical research and everyday care. Summarizing the Evidence boxes in the disorders chapters examine the research that supports psychiatric nursing care and highlight findings in the field. Family focus and discussion of outpatient care is emphasized throughout the text in response to current trends in psychiatric nursing. Nursing Treatment Plan Summary tables present care plans including patient goals with nursing interventions and rationales to guide nursing care related to the treatment of major disorders. Patient Education Plan and Family Education Plan tables include key information that the nurse needs to share with the patient and his or her family. Case studies provide in-depth examples of clinical scenarios to demonstrate step-by-step application of the nursing process. Critical thinking questions interspersed throughout the text challenge you and promote independent clinical reasoning. Therapeutic Dialogue boxes offer specific examples of nurse-patient interactions to demonstrate the difference between therapeutic and nontherapeutic communication. A Patient Speaks and A Family Speaks boxes present short vignettes in a patient's and family's own words. Competent Caring: A Clinical Exemplar of a Psychiatric Nurse boxes feature practicing psychiatric nurses sharing clinical experiences and personal insights related to the chapter topic.Presents nursing care according to the latest ANA Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice.Integrates the Recovery Model - a strength-based, positive approach to treatment of psychiatric disorders - throughout the textbook. Includes updated and expanded coverage of primary care that addresses psychiatric nursing care of patients who are increasingly being diagnosed and treated in the primary care setting. Includes the latest research and appropriate nursing and medical diagnoses relevant to each disorder. Provides the most up-to-date psychiatric drug information. - from Amzon 
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